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Portuguese coach Caixinha returns to Santos Laguna******MEXICO CITY, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Portuguese manager Pedro Caixinha has agreed to return to Santos Laguna, six years after ending his first spell in charge of the Mexican club.。

The 51-year-old replaced Uruguayan Guillermo Almada, who was sacked on Monday after falling out with the club's board.。

"I am very excited about returning to Santos. I9;m grateful for that first opportunity and, of course, very happy to return and start a new cycle,4; Caixinha said in a statement on the club9;s official website.。

"It';s an opportunity to do things better with the experience acquired over time. We know that we have a group and a squad with tremendous quality, both individual and collective, that is hungry to win trophies."

Santos Laguna were eliminated from the Liga MX Clausura tournament in the quarterfinal stage on Sunday when they lost to Tigres UANL on away goals.。

Caixinha has been out of work since parting ways with Saudi Arabia9;s Al Shabab in January.。

In his first spell in charge of Santos Laguna, Caixinha guided the side to three major titles in as many years and reached the final of the CONCACAF Champions League, the region's most important club competition. Enditem。

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