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Disneyland celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year with dynamic cultural activities******Xinhua。Disney characters, Tigger, dressing in Chinese festive attire and greeting visitors.。Disney's California Adventure Park kicked off celebrations of the Year of the Tiger Friday, featuring a string of Chinese culturally-themed performances, art shows, lantern decorations and Asian-inspired dishes.。

Visitors from around the world joined the special celebrations which run from January 21 through February 13, immersed in a festival atmosphere and sharing wishes for good health, luck and prosperity throughout the year ahead.。

The 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year falls on February 1. It is based on a 12-year Zodiac cycle of characters, with 2022 being the Year of the Tiger.。

The colorful Chinese Lunar New Year theme has turned the park into a sea of red and gold – the Chinese New Year's traditional colors – and a wonderland of festive Asian holiday cheer.。</p>

This year&#39;s Lunar New Year celebrations highlighted a new float for China's legendary warrior character Mulan, accompanied by traditional Chinese drummers performing powerful rhythms.。

Decorated in red and gold to symbolize good fortune and happiness, the float features bright bunches of red firecrackers that hang together with golden tassels, and delicate red and gold lanterns come aglow for after-sunset performances.。

During the procession, Mulan and her wisecracking dragon friend Mushu were surrounded by performers bringing cultural artistry and dance to life.。</p>

Disney characters, including Tigger, Mulan and Mushu, Mickey and Minnie, and the Three Little Pigs, all dressed in Chinese festive attire, and greeted visitors.。

San Francisco-based musical group Melody of China performed a fusion of Chinese folk, classical and contemporary instrumentals.。

During Disney&#39;s Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, park visitors could enjoy traditional Asian fare, like Shrimp Fried Rice, Char Siu Pork Bao, and many others.。

They are also invited to try Chinese arts and crafts, such as Chinese calligraphy, and dragon's pearl coloring craft.。

"It is amazing to see Mulan float,&#34; Jailyn Mitchell, a local visitor, told Xinhua.。

";I love Chinese culture, and I like the different ways to celebrate it," said Mitchell, who has experienced Disney&#39;s Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations for several times.。

Alexa Garcia, a Disneyland Resort spokesperson, told Xinhua the Lunar New Year celebrations have been a ";fan favor"; for a few years, showing diversified cultures and offering a lot of fun things for visitors to do, to see, and to taste.。

People love to experience and engage in Chinese culture in different ways, she said.。

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